Flipstones application flickers on iPhone through PressOK Entertainment

Flipstones PressOK Entertainment revealed the Flipstones application for the iPhone. This application amalgamates line-drawing, planning, puzzle and sequence to produce an enticing experience of challenges for gamers.

Users need to tap on the displayed stones, draw a line to design shapes of different sizes and alike-colors to eventually destroy them. As soon as the gems explode, more shapes fill the place hindering the progress. The application drives users through two game modes. Players need to pass through18 stages with more than 80 levels in it.

Ryan Morel, VP of business development for PressOK Entertainment, remarked, “All of us love line-drawing and puzzle games, so Flipstones was extremely fun to develop. We had a lot of invaluable input from our beta testers during the process which helped get the game to where it is today. We think the final product will do really well on the App Store and we’re excited to be launching it today”

The stones display some special effects like some speed up the play, some slow it down, and some even make stones fly. The integrated OpenFient lets users share their scoreboard with others. With the combination of special effects and exclusive missions on every level, players enjoy a unique gaming experience.

The Flipstones application can be downloaded at a price of $1.99 from the App store.