AppsFacebook Poke for iOS sees daybreak, allows sending self erasing messages

Facebook Poke for iOS sees daybreak, allows sending self erasing messages

The Facebook Poke for iOS app has been released and it allows greeting folks with a twist on the social network. The app was launched back on December 21 of this month and has been made available for download.

If digitally prodding friends was fun, we wonder what reaction the new app which is dedicated entirely to the act, will receive. Those who own iOS devices can not only take pleasure in just poking, but also look forward to sending pictures, videos as well as a message along with it.

Facebook Poke iOS

With the new app installed, users should be able to take advantage of the fresh additions by sending a note to one or more people at the same time. What’s more, images, videos and texts can now also carry location details. The core facet that separates the feature from inbox messaging on the social networking site is that the texts, images or clips won’t be permanently stuck to the friends’ timeline.

On Facebook Poke for iOS, every message is said to carry an expiry date. Of course, the software gives users an option to choose for how long they would like it to last. For instance, as soon as people open the note, the self destruct countdown will begin. And once the time which is set by the sender runs out, the message will expire and disappear as if it never existed.


iOS owners will be allowed to decide from four different time brackets. Messages can be set to perish in either 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. Furthermore, they can press and hold the note sent to them by friends to access it. Also, they will be notified when someone takes a screenshot.

As mentioned before, Facebook Poke for iOS has hit the Apple App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad, provided they run the operating system’s 5.1 version or higher. Those interested may be happy to know that the app can be installed free of cost.

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To be precise, following are the features included in the new release:

– Poke friends with a message, photo or video
– Decide the expiry time
– Ability to add location details to a note
– Get notified when friends take screenshots
– Press and hold to see pokes from friends

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