7 Best Free Multiplayer Android Games

Our list of the best free multiplayer Android games has been laid down below for those who like competing with others. Whether it’s a simple one-on-one casual title or a strategy MMORPG, you will find all types of alternatives lined up here.

Although there are options to let you compete with people from all over the world, some of them also have the choice for solo mode. Thus, you can switch between the two as and when you like. For more information regarding each of the titles, have a look at their description and pick one to download on your Google-certified phone or tablet.

1 – Tic Tac Toe – Pro:

Image 01

First up is noughts & crosses that you may have enjoyed a lot as a kid. And if you wish to bring back those fond memories, here’s an application that allows you to do that. Tic Tac Toe can be enjoyed by two people, but you can even opt for the single mode which allows you to compete against your device’s AI. In the solo mode, you get to choose between 4 difficulty levels, depending on your expertise. Your statistics are displayed in the app and you have the option to share them through Facebook as well. And if you do not like the default background, go for one of the multiple themes that come along with it.

2 – Arcane Legends:

Image 02

The next contender to have grabbed a spot on this roundup of free multiplayer Android games is Arcane Legends, an MMORPG, that takes you into a fantasy world. Your job is to defeat the evil forces to remove them from the Kingdom of Arlor and you can ask your friends from all over the world to help you out with the task at hand.

You and your stable of pets have to pass through creepy taverns, forests and mines and as you progress you will find special powers as well as new customizable pets that will assist you in the battle. This 3D adventure title can be enjoyed in co-op, solo or PvP modes.

3 – Raging Thunder 2:

Image 03

Now if you are tired of racing with your device’s AI, here’s your chance to compete with others right from your Google-certified handheld gadget. Raging Thunder 2 boasts of console quality 3D graphics and beautiful visuals. You get to drive your way through snow-covered mountains, abandoned temples, tropical beaches and even vistas like the Great Wall amongst many others.

This fast paced title is available for some other operating systems as well and thus it supports cross-platform racing. You get to choose between 2 tracks and 2 cars and take on people from around the globe.

4 – Star Legends:

Image 04

This is another mobile MMO from the makers of Arcane Legends, that we think is worthy enough to be mentioned in this queue of free multiplayer Android games. The alternative is a futuristic title that requires you to combat aliens using your double flash guns. You can utilize heavy weaponry as a commando and even destroy or repair stuff that you find along the way with your engineering skills.

And once you find out what your special abilities are, you can work towards developing them further. You can collect maximum experience without shelling out a single penny, but if impatience gets the better of you, the publishers lets you make in-app purchases as well.

5 – Word Hero:

Image 05

According to the developers of this word puzzle, Word Hero can get highly addictive. All of its subscribers access the same board and you have to show off your vocabulary by making valid words on a 4×4 grid. All you have to do to make a word is trace your finger on the letters on the board.

After every round, the application displays your rank as compared to all others who accessed it along with you and you get to see your highest scores on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, according to your preferences. To get a high score you should try to use all the tiles in your words as that gives you bonus points.

6 – Online RPG Avabel:

Image 06

As is evident from the name of the next option from our queue, Avabel is an MMORPG adventure and claims to be loaded with advanced smartphone graphics. This cross-platform application allows you to fight many people at the same time either in the Main Tower or in the Dungeon. The Main Tower is where all the action is, as it features monsters, enemies and even strong bosses.

There are six classes and 3 new skills have been added to all of these classes. Apart from PvP, the title also has a GvG (Guild vs. Guild) mode which comes in the picture when the battle expands.

7 – Parallel Kingdom MMO:

Image 07

A location-based MMORPG that goes by the name of Parallel Kingdom lets you kill monsters either in dungeons or right outside your own house. You get to become the ruler and have to take care of your kingdom. As for your skills, you get 50 options to choose from while making your way through its 40 levels. The app’s set of 14 unique characters is inclusive of warriors, knights, ninjas, thieves, assassins, merchants, explorers and rangers to name a few. And there are as many as 3 trillion combinations to experiment with for your avatar. There is an option to make in-app purchases too.


These were just some of the best free multiplayer Android games available through Google’s app store. And if you come across other similar titles that you think are equally fun, do get back to us with their names. But before that, try these out.