GeneralBangalore is officially the first Indian city to offer free Wi-Fi

Bangalore is officially the first Indian city to offer free Wi-Fi

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is the first Indian city that has Wi-Fi hotspots on various public locations that ensure free internet access. The service that goes by the name of Namma Wi-Fi has been made available at 6 key locations in the city and has been facilitated by D-VoiS service provider.

These locations include M.G. Road as well as Brigade Road and if the IT department is successful with its expansion plans, Bangloreans can expect free internet access at as many as 10 more areas. Required measures have been taken to make sure that there are no security threats in the future. For starters, cameras have been installed at these hotspots to keep a track on people who use them.

Bangalore City Map

And that’s not all. In order to avoid any kind of issues, the organization behind free Wi-Fi will get all the information regarding the people who login from these locations. The government will get details regarding the person, his handset, the websites he is visiting or the content he is downloading in addition to loads of other things.

Needless to say, inappropriate content and sites will not be accessible through any of these hotspots. A person can browse the internet for free for 3 hours in a day and download not more than 50MB of content. A few applications that will inform people about the nearest parking space or of garbage bins are slated to go live pretty soon. These will be available to people who use internet from the Wi-Fi hotspots.

Did anyone try the free Wi-Fi hotspots in Bangalore as yet? Do tell us how it is, if you have.

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