AppleApple Could Give M3-Powered Mac Mini A Miss And Jump Straight To M4

Apple Could Give M3-Powered Mac Mini A Miss And Jump Straight To M4

Apple Mac Mini

Apple’s lineup of Mac machines is apparently in for an overhaul soon. After refreshing most of its Macs with Apple M3 processors, the Cupertino giant now looks set to unveil the succeeding M4 chips, with the latest report hinting that Mac minis will be among the first to sport them.

The Mac mini range, which received its last update in January last year, still hasn’t received its M3 upgrade. This means it will be making a straight jump from M2 to M4 chips when it comes out in late 2024.

This report comes from Bloomberg’s Mike Gurman, whose ‘Power On’ newsletter is often bang-on with its Apple-related predictions. Earlier, it was Gurman himself who had predicted that Apple will be selling new ‌Mac mini‌ models with M4 and M4 Pro chips between the end of 2024 and early 2025.

That timeline having shifted to this year is definitely great news for those waiting for a new and more powerful Mac mini setup. At the moment, Apple M3 chips are accessible through the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac devices.

Their successors, the M4 chips are expected to come with improvements to their neural processing capabilities, giving them support for advanced AI tasks.

Curiously, amidst all this talk about the Apple M4 chip, there’s little knowledge of whether the company will unveil its M3 Ultra chip for its high-end workstations. The M2 Ultra can currently be found in the Mac Studio and Mac Pro machines that were released back in 2022.

That being said, it’s worth looking forward to the rumored M3-powered Mac minis that are expected to arrive late this year. We’ll keep an eye out for any info regarding these powerful desktop machines.


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