Airtel’s 4G Hotspot now costs just Rs 999

Airtel is looking to take on Reliance Jio in the Wi-Fi device market by slashing the price of its 4G Hotspot by Rs 501. The cut drops the cost of the product from Rs 1500 to just Rs 999.

This is on par with Reliance Jio’s Rs 999 asking rate for its own M2S 4G hotspot offering. Airtel’s portable Wi-Fi emitter can be used to connect up to 10 devices to the same 4G network. Anything from laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs can get access to the internet through the product, making it a useful buy for travelers constantly on the go.

Of course, Airtel’s 4G network will actually have to be around for a person to get 4G speeds. If connectivity isn’t available in a particular region, the 4G Hotspot is supposed to automatically switch to 3G. The company claims the device can last for up to 6 hours in one sitting. It doesn’t require any USB ports to get going.

Airtel 4G Hotspot

It should be noted that the 4G Hotspot needs an Airtel SIM card to work. Only postpaid plans are available for the product, so users will have to commit to a set amount per month. The least costly scheme will set consumers back by Rs 499 per bill cycle and offer 1GB/day. The most high-end plan asks for Rs 12000 in advance rental for 12 months and provides 3GB/day.

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The 4G Hotspot is currently available via Airtel’s retail outlets across India. It’s set to hit Amazon soon as well.