General3 Ways to Consolidate Your Tech Equipment

3 Ways to Consolidate Your Tech Equipment

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 WaterA growing trend in the tech world is that called “convergence,” which means doing more with less, combining functions into one device that used to require multiple devices. The desirability of “compact technology” that can multitask with ease at high levels of performance isn’t hard to see.

Just consider the need for modern tech to be portable, and you will begin to understand. When you’re traveling about, there’s only so much room in your suitcase or briefcase. Then take into account that you’ll save money and simplify your life by buying fewer devices.

Older convergence trends that have now become commonplace and expected include cell phones incorporating a high quality digital camera and printers also functioning as scanners, copiers, and fax machines. But here are three newer ways to consolidate your technology:

1. Add New Functions to Your Smartphone

You may think that all smartphones cover the same territory and vary only in quality and reliability, but new models like the Galaxy Note 8 are changing that perception. Besides a 12 megapixel rear camera (and 8MP front-facing camera) capable of taking excellent snapshots even in the dark, Galaxy Note8 lets you use your screen as a notepad, via a water-resistant Smartphone Pen that works without having to stop and unlock your screen.

This phone is also fully compatible with T-Mobile’s DIGITS system, allowing you to use your home and work numbers from one phone; or conversely, to use the same number across multiple devices, like your smartphone, tablet, or smart watch.

2. Incorporate GPS Technology

It’s true you can get a separate GPS tracker to take with you when you travel, and GPS can be a critical safety as well as time-saving device. Also, you may have GPS built into your vehicle (but it stays there when you walk out the car door).

But the fact is, numerous modern electronic devices now incorporate GPS technology into them so you can have portable GPS without any extra hassle. Apple iPhone and iPad come immediately to mind, but this technology is available on numerous smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and smart watches. Carrying “detached” GPS just doesn’t make sense anymore.

3. Go the Smartwatch Route

Wearable technology is in, and smartwatches are the number one component of this market sector. It is now possible to use an Apple or Android smartwatch in place of your portable phone for a wide swathe of functions. You can connect it to your phone to receive and make calls and leave the phone at home charging temporarily. You can connect to social media and do other things online as well.

But there are extra features that watches have, like voice recorders with playback, pedometers and other athletic-related tracking functions, and music downloading and playing with built-in speakers on the wrist band.

Most models give you only about a 4-day battery life, but you can also consider the new Pebble watch that lasts for a week before recharging due to its use of a monochrome screen and buttons instead of touch screen.

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