YouTube Remote App steps in for Android

YouTube Remote App Multimedia enthusiasts who love to immerse themselves in their most liked videos on a desktop or Google TV have something really mesmerizing to target their eyes on. YouTube has extended all its efforts to make it simpler for users to change entertaining video content between several internet-connected devices. The official YouTube blog allures Android users with the enthralling YouTube Remote app.

Owners can effortlessly link their Android device to the Leanback screen and sign into YouTube Remote and YouTube Leanback on the Google TV or computer using the same account. The app puts forth an engaging experience since users can browse YouTube Remote and queue up exciting videos and further send them to Leanback with a single tap.

The convenience level is amplified with various functions like play, pause, skip forward and back and volume control. Presently, the app is in beta and flaunts the latest and experimental features which are not available in the official YouTube Android app. The company states that it will incorporate several exceptional features from the beta version into the YouTube Android app soon.

The app can be downloaded from the Android Market across the U.S. YouTube anticipates to make the app available in various other countries.