Yahoo! launches voice enabled oneSearch for the Yahoo! Mobile iPhone app

Yahoo Mobile iPhone application oneSearch for theYahoo! Mobile iPhone app is the newest innovation for mobile search launched by Yahoo! Consumers can search a wide range of topics, from flight numbers to local restaurants and more with the voice-enabled Yahoo! oneSearch by simply speaking.

The ‘My Interests’ tab can also be customized with the power of users’ voice. All users need to do is click on ‘add anything’, speak their topic of interest and select the relevant content to be added to their page.

80 different devices including Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile currently have the the Yahoo! oneSearch with voice application available and it is supported in eight languages. The latest BlackBerry devices like the Bold, Storm, Flip and Javelin support this application.

Most other mobile voice recognition systems are limited to categories such as local listings, but Yahoo! oneSearch with voice lets consumers conduct wider searches. To download the Yahoo! Mobile, iPhone users can visit the iPhone app store or visit the yahoo website on their mobile browser for those with compatible devices on other platforms.

Now users have a one-click access to the Yahoo! oneSearch box as recently a Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut for Windows Mobile has been unveiled in 21 countries. Just this February the Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut for Windows Mobile in the U.S. was announced. Similar to the oneSearch shortcut for Nokia and BlackBerry, a combination of cell triangulation, GPS and WiFi hotspots will help provide local search results, thanks to an auto-locate feature on select devices.