Xtex My Tablet surfaces with a $150 price tag

Xtex My Tablet 01

A new Ice Cream Sandwich slab has come to life in the form of the $150 Xtex My Tablet. With portability being an issue for devices having larger screens, this slate tags along a 7-inch display, making it quite a handy gadget to carry around.

The aforesaid screen is of the capacitive type, proffering 800 X 480 pixel resolutions. Operating on a 1.5GHz processor, it supports 1GB of RAM and comes bearing 16GB internal memory. The hoarding capacity is expandable up to a total of 48GB via a 32GB miniSD card. For photography purposes, there’s a 2MP webcam gracing the front panel of the device.

Xtex My Tablet 02

“Everyone is walking around with a tablet device under their arms. The 10-inch tablet’s become a fashion accessory, like not so long ago when everybody wore cell phones clipped to their belt,” commented Xtex VP Allen Kiehl.

To offer connectivity with an external TV set, printers and other devices, the slate in question incorporates various ports such as a mini-USB terminal, a full-sized USB slot and a TF card bay that offers up to 32GB storage space. It lends support to Wi-Fi as well. For now, the slate looks like a worthy pick for those seeking out the latest Android OS scoop at a relatively low price. The tablet is available in 3 color choices of pink, black and white.

Xtex My Tablet 03

The Xtex My Tablet price is revealed to be around $150 and it is expected to ship sometime this month, though the exact release date has not been disclosed.