XiaomiXiaomi sold 1 million smartphones in India during Q3

Xiaomi sold 1 million smartphones in India during Q3

Xiaomi claims it has sold over 1 million units in India during Q3 of 2015, which it asserts is its most successful quarter in the country so far. The declaration comes 2 days after a report by Counterpoint Research stated that the brand saw a decline within the same period of time.

The news comes via a tweet by Xiaomi global VP Hugo Barra, who also said the company saw a quarter-on-quarter growth of 45% in India. This is in stark contrast to Counterpoint’s data. The study maintains that the manufacturer’s shipments fell by 46% during the July to September period, the first time it has faced such a drop.

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It should be noted that the numbers Xiaomi is reporting are sales figures while the ones by Counterpoint are shipment numbers. It’s possible the latter did not take the India manufacturing of the Redmi 2 Prime into account. According to the research firm, the brand has been facing increasing competition in the sub-$100 market segment which sees the maximum number of handsets sold in India.

Companies like Lenovo and Micromax’s Yu are supposedly eating into its online space. The first boasts of having the best-selling phone in the quarter, the K3 Note. The second is apparently vending more handsets than Xiaomi online, boosted by the retailing of its entry-level 4G smartphone the Yunique.

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India is rapidly becoming an important market for Xiaomi. It’s facing declining sales in its home base China amid increasing competition from rivals. The vendor has been busy in the nation lately, having recently concluded a special Diwali sale and launching a Mi Protect Insurance service for 5 of its handsets.

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