XiaomiXiaomi manages to sell 1 million Mi Bands units in just 100 days

Xiaomi manages to sell 1 million Mi Bands units in just 100 days

Among the regular pleasing sales figures which Xiaomi likes to release every now and then, is the announcement that the Mi Band fitness tracker from the Chinese company has sold over a million units. That’s a really surprising number owing to the fact that the product has only been available in China and that too, for just about one hundred days.

It has been revealed by the company that the maximum units that were once sold in a single day were 103000. The Xiaomi Mi Band was unveiled alongside the Mi 4 smartphone, and was released on August 18 with its price set at an extremely affordable 79 Yuan which translates to around a mere Rs 800.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Getting a fitness tracker which can be paired with your smartphone at that low an asking amount is a big deal, which is why people from other markets in which Xiaomi has a presence, with India being one of them, are eagerly awaiting it. According to Tech in Asia, the device will start being offered in Taiwan and Hong Kong from tomorrow onward.

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Canalys has noted that five million wearable devices were shipped worldwide in Q3 of 2014. The fact that this value does not count in the Mi Band gives us a fair idea of just how well this product is doing.

It’s a water-resistant gadget with a battery life of up to 30 days. It does not have a display of its own, but bears indicator lights and can pair up with your smartphones and tablets to offer fitness information on them. Moreover, the Xiaomi Mi Band can also act as a proximity unlocker for your smartphone.

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