Windows PhoneWindows Phone 8.1 screenshots leak, showcase new features

Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots leak, showcase new features

Some fresh leaks of the Windows Phone 8.1 platform have given away crucial details about the new operating system that will be making its way onto WP devices soon. Prime among the speculated new features is a revamped Windows Phone Store which will make it easier to find the apps you desire as well as those that are hot at that given moment.

WPCentral is in possession of some leaked screenshots taken from an apparent device running the Windows Phone 8.1 OS. Featured titles will be seen first on the new Windows Phone Store it seems, and the portal will even kick in fresh sections to help you access fast-rising apps as well as specific categories.

Windows Phone 8.1

A few features aping the Android OS also form part of the Windows Phone 8.1 experience. These include a My Apps section for checking app updates, a Downloads section for looking at active downloads and an option for switching on automatic updates. There will even be a choice for letting the Windwos Phone Store use your location to suggest relevant apps.

When an app or a game from the store is clicked on, its page will see some useful new additions as well. Furthermore, there will be new sections like overview, reviews, details and related, apart from other additions.

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is slated to be released sometime next month, so stay tuned to find out more about it.

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