SoftwareWindows-based Mobile Phones Receive Didiom Application

Windows-based Mobile Phones Receive Didiom Application

Didiom has rolled out its free mobile service to Windows mobile phones with high-resolution VGA touch screens. The HTC Touch Pro and Black berry Pearl 8100 Series are two such Windows-based mobile phones that can avail all the facilities packed in the service.

Didiom Windows Phones

Ran Assaf, Didiom’s founder and CEO says, “Didiom brings together what belongs together placeshifting and over-the-air purchasing. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for placeshifting, and push interactive experiences beyond the handset itself with a minimal burden on the user, now that smartphones represent almost twenty percent of all handsets sold to consumers in the United States, we have a great opportunity to move beyond early adopters and reach new audiences.”

Anton Denissov, Digital Media Analyst at Parks Associates, a market research firm specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services remarked, “As consumers seek to access media on their own terms, place shifting is becoming the norm with growing consumer demand and the prevalence of mobile broadband networks, now is the right time to introduce mobile place shifting solutions. By acting now, while the market is still shaping, providers will have access to the broadest range of partners, and opportunity to refine their offerings to give consumers an optimal experience.”

Didiom’s free mobile service now provides users access to their home computer’s iTunes library and at the same time, they can also purchase approx. 1.5 million MP3 songs of higher quality. During the beta period, prepaid users can avail a cash bonus program for buying MP3 songs. The program offers to pay upto 35 percent bonus towards music downloads. The application also offers for a bargaining technology through which users can download music to their PC and mobile phone by bargaining the price of the MP3 songs.

The Didiom free mobile service features Artist Alerts that keeps the users updated on the availability of new releases of their favorite artists in Didiom MP3 store. It also inherits a music-sharing tool for sharing previews via mobile and e-mail. Didiom entered into a deal with EPM that will enable users to download music from blues and jazz musicians, legendary rock artists and also bestselling dance labels from across the world.

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