SoftwareKwiry Adds New Text Messages Shortcuts

Kwiry Adds New Text Messages Shortcuts

Kwiry Text Messaging Kwiry now endeavors to make life even simpler by improving their free service.

Users can easily text messages that will turn to online remainders.

Kwiry’s newly introduced shortcuts platform includes shortcuts that will instantly schedule recording of a TV show on a TiVo DVR.

Kwiry Co-founder and CEO Ron Feldman says, “kwiry Shortcuts like Netflix have been very popular with new and existing users we’ve had many requests for new Shortcuts and are excited about the new integrations with popular services like TiVo and Yelp.”

Kwiry integration with TiVo and Yelp offers users latest shortcut services. They can text “yelp Grimaldis Pizza” and get all the required contact info, reviews and many more information from Yelp in their e-mail inbox.

Kwiry also joins Facebook Connect wherein users can similarly avail its shortcut service by just texting “contact [email protected]” to email contact info and vCard attachment.

Kwiry’s new shortcut addition also includes status updates where a simple messaging “status headed to the gym” to Kwiry will instantly update users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Feldman concludes, “The integration with Facebook Connect simplifies the kwiry sign-up process and allows users to integrate the social aspects of Facebook into the kwiry website as well as the kwiry experience into Facebook.”

Facebook users can now log on to Kwiry’s website and add their Facebook profile info and stay connected to their Facebook Friends.

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