WildCharge introduces wireless charging for iPhone and iPod touch

WildCharge Skins and Pad A new line of iPhone cases have been released by WildCharge called WildCharge Skins. These cases allow the device to be charged wirelessly. Users simply need to utilize WildCharge Skins and place it on the WildCharger Pad or other surfaces embedded with WildCharge technology. The phone case can be used on all iPhone models including the new iPhone 3G S.

These Skins protect the iPhone from damage and fit the form of the phone. Many devices can be charged at the same time by placing each of them on the pad, thanks to the combination of the WildCharger Pad and the skins.

Recently, there has also been an announcement of the release of a Universal Adapter for mobile devices. The adapter can be used along with the WildCharger Pad and can charge over 150 different cell phone models from a variety of brands utilizing interchangeable tips.

The WildCharge Skin can be purchased from the WildCharge online store and attaches a price tag of $35. The WildCharger Pad can be bought for $80.