SoftwareWhy Is Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam So Popular? And How Can Practice Tests Help You Pass It?

Why Is Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam So Popular? And How Can Practice Tests Help You Pass It?


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Many professionals are wondering why specific technical careers are gaining popularity by the day. The truth is, such careers become well-known as a result of the ever-developing technologies that create the demand for specific skills in the IT job market.

One of the technical areas that has gained its popularity recently is Java programming, since Java is a popular programming language due to being secure, fast and reliable. Nowadays, most candidates that strive to gain skills in this language opt for taking the Exam Dumps exam. If you are one of such candidates, this test will help you become a certified Java programmer.

From this post, you’ll know the details of this Oracle exam, as well as how practice tests can help you prepare for it.

Oracle Exam 1Z0-808 Details

The ‘Java SE 8 Programmer I’ test is designed for those who wish to achieve the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (OCA JP) badge. Considering that it is an associate-level credential you will be expected to understand the 1Z0-808 exam objectives and have some hands-on experience before taking the test.

During this assessment, you are going to show your ability to work with Java data types, methods, encapsulation, selected classes, and inheritance, as well as to demonstrate your knowledge in using operators, decision constructs, and loop constructs. The complete list of the topics covered you can find on the Oracle website.

Oracle 1Z0-808 comprises 70 exam questions allocated completion time of 150 minutes. The minimum score needed to pass the test is 65%. To sit for this exam, you need to pay a fee of $245.

Why Is Exam 1Z0-808 So Popular?

Tangible benefits such as enhanced job opportunities, earning a better salary, and better promotion prospects are some of the reasons to get OCA, Java SE 8 Programmer certified. However, there are other valuable reasons to pass 1Z0-808 exam and gain the certification.

  1. It Helps You in Learning Java Better

The exam gives you an opportunity to learn Java, which is the most popular programming language. You’ll be learning the detailed essentials by studying the 1Z0-808 syllabus. This includes Java basics, how to work with Java data types, and the creation and use of arrays. Candidates will also learn how to use operators as well as decision constructs, and handling exceptions among others. Whether you’re a beginner or not, learning these skills will help you become efficient in Java programming.

  1. Raises Your Confidence

Passing the exam increases your confidence, even when going through interviews. The knowledge you gain will help you answer Java-based interview questions with ease. This is especially useful for beginners who are yet to get Java-based real-life experience. In-depth knowledge in the field will help boost their confidence. Besides helping you clear interview questions, it will also give you the advantage of negotiating better offers since your confidence is high because of your trusted skills.

  1. Boosts Your CV

A Java certification will look good on your CV list. It’s a valuable mark as well as proof of your skills as a qualified Java programmer candidate. Such a qualification is recognized worldwide and makes you visible to HR managers. In most cases, Oracle certifications are used as part of the selection criterion.

  1. Gives You Preferences During Hiring

Employers would prefer to hire you because of your outstanding Java programming skills. This shows that passing 1Z0-808 exam is important. Organizations that prefer professionals with Java skills include government-based organizations, consultancy firms, and other enterprises that value Java qualifications highly. Being a certified OCA JP would definitely boost your chances of getting employment. This possibility to get hired easily has made many professionals go for this Oracle exam, thus making it popular.

  1. Ensures Better Pay

Skilled and certified professionals are known to earn better salaries compared to those who aren’t certified. They are preferred by employers because they can verify their Java programming skills through the credential. The confidence that comes with having validated qualifications also gives you an opportunity to negotiate your salary. As long as you can prove you’re efficient in your work, no employer would hesitate to pay you what you ask for. Java programmers earn an average of $79,137 yearly as indicated by Glassdoor.

  1. Professionals Can Advance Their Java Knowledge

Another thing that makes 1Z0-808 exam so popular is the fact that professionals have a chance to take their skills to a higher level. Java keeps changing. This makes it useful for you to learn about the changes. For example, if you are only conversant with version 7 of Java, taking this Oracle exam will enable you to learn about Java 8, which is so popular now. Preparing for the test, you’ll be able to learn new Java features as well as how it affects your job. In addition, after passing 1Z0-808 exam you can advance your knowledge and skills to sit for 1Z0-809 test, becoming at the same time the Oracle Certified Professional programmer in Java SE 8.

How to Pass Exam 1Z0-808 Using Practice Tests?

Practice questions offer you a chance to train for your exam and understand what it entails. By using them in your prep process, you’ll be able to learn the syllabus, the test structure, and master how to approach the questions. One of the exam prep resources enabling candidates to get ready through practice tests is This website offers a valuable collection of such tests for numerous IT exams and for Oracle 1Z0-808 as well. From this website, you can download free and paid practice tests, as well as benefit from getting the Premium Bundle. This bundle includes a verified file, a study guide, and a video course. It’s available now at a reduced price of $39,99.

All the PrepAway files are offered in ETE format and can be used in the ETE Exam Simulator which helps you get the feeling of taking the real exam. This is a great chance to get some trial tests before the real assessment, explore the exam environment and become more confident about your knowledge.


Getting certified by Oracle is not an easy task, though it’s not impossible. If you set the goal to gain OCA, Java SE 8 Programmer certification, you’ll need to sit for 1Z0-808 exam. This badge is something that every aspiring Java programming candidate should look forward to.

And as you seek to earn the credential, don’t forget how to get there. Utilize training, practice tests, study guides, and gain hands-on experience to give you the support you need. It’s time to go for the qualification that makes you grow in your professional life.

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