AppsTruecaller rolls out Truemessenger app for India

Truecaller rolls out Truemessenger app for India

Truecaller has launched a new app called Truemessenger exclusively for smartphone users across India. What’s more, the application can only come in handy to those with Android devices and there is no word on when or if it will hit Apple iOS or Windows Phone. No prizes for guessing what it is that the software does.

Truemessenger allows users to block spam messages, which means all those irritating ads you receive in the form of texts from anonymous numbers can be happily banished from your inbox. Speaking from the perspective of long-suffering victims of unwanted SMSes, this is a very welcome introduction indeed.


Now picture a scenario in which you get a flirty text from someone you may have met at a party, though you forgot to store their contact details. You’d normally have to feed the unknown mobile number into Truecaller or a similar app and see if it can tell you who that person is.

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Well, Truemessenger simplifies it by being there right within reach and doing the preliminary lookup. When you get an SMS from a stranger, the app searchers through its crowd-sourced database of information and delivers the identity of that individual, if it has the information.

You can add then add the contact to your phonebook with a single tap. A text from a number flagged as spam by other users is less likely to reach you than if you have the stock messaging application on your phone. Customized filters with number series or spam keywords can also be made.

The Truemessenger app by Truecaller is available through Google Play Store. It’s a free download which works with Android devices running KitKat v4.1 or higher.

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