AppsTop Apps You Need To Install On Your Android Phone In 2019

Top Apps You Need To Install On Your Android Phone In 2019

candy-crush2019 is just around the corner and with a new year, you need to have new apps on your mobile phone. Below, we have drafted some must-have apps that you need to install on your phone in 2019. The following apps cut across different services from browsing apps to gaming apps.

Firefox Reality Browser

Earlier on this year (2018), Google added a Chrome browser built in which brings incorporates Virtual Reality in the browser. Google followed this by launching versions VR on Daydream devices thereby bringing into force another Virtual Reality browser. For those who use Google browsers, they probably know how cool it is to browse 2D and 3D stuff on the internet. Well, if you were impressed by Google’s VR browsers in 2018, expect to double the fun in 2019 as Firefox is launching its own VR browser. Firefox’s VR browser will be rolled out on Daydream, Viveport and Oculus devices. The Firefox Reality Browser will make it possible for users to browse 2D and 3D stuff on the internet.


Many people apart from native English speakers are good at instructional English rather than conversational English. The changing nature of the world aided by globalization, however, requires many especially those in the corporate world not only to be good in instructional English but also in conversational English. It is for this purpose that GWEEK was created. GWEEK teaches one to be good in conversational English. All that the user has to do is to say a sentence or more, the app will record the sentence and provide feedback on how the user can improve his speech. With more practice, the user can reach a stage where he will be talking to the app without receiving any more correctional feedback.

25-in-1 Casino

If you are a gamer, then 25-in-1 Casino app is a must-have app for every Android owner. Just as its title states, this app includes a wide array of casino games in one application. Players who install this app can expect to find roulette, online blackjack, keno, baccarat and various poker variations. The beauty of 25-in-1 casino app is that it is a free app (not freemium) therefore your gaming experience will not be disturbed every now and then by some in-app purchases advertisements.


LastPass is an app which helps to relieve your brain from memorizing passwords. This app will store all your passwords for you meaning that after installing it, you will no longer need to worry about memorizing a ton of passwords. The beauty of LastPass is that you get it absolutely free from the Google Play Store.


Well, the Netflix app is no new app. However, simply due to its importance it finds itself on this list. The Netflix app is a video streaming service app which allows you to catch all your favourite shows wherever you are. Users can download the app for free from the Google Play Store but they will have to pay a small fee each month in order to watch TV shows and movies.

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