Timex Ironman Move x20 Run and Run x20 GPS fitness trackers outed in India

Timex has launched the Ironman Move x20 and Ironman Run x20 GPS fitness trackers in India at price tags of Rs 8995 and Rs 11995, correspondingly. Who wants to spend that kind on money on an activity tracker when a much cheaper option (admittedly, without all the fireworks) has been unveiled at Rs 999 in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Band?

The launch of the Timex Ironman Move x20 and Ironman Run x20 GPS comes down to bad timing. Neither should have been rolled out this week. There’s such a thing as a strategic release date, you know. But do keep in mind that both these wearable devices aren’t stripped to the bare essential functionality of fitness tracking, unlike the Mi Band.


The Ironman Run x20 is simply a GPS-supported watch which allows you to keep real-time tabs on the distance, speed, pace and calories burned while you exercise or run. It’s got a rechargeable Li-ion battery delivering about 6 hours of battery life when you switch on the full GPS mode. It stores a 10-day record of your workout routines and is water resistant up to depths of 50 meters.

Timex has included Indiglo backlighting in this watch which also features automatic pace alerts and a 99-lap counter. On the other hand, the Timex Ironman Move x20 connects to iOS and Android devices via the Timex app. It also pulls in notifications for calls and text messages received on the smartphone connected to it. It is IPX7 certified to survive splashes and renders 7 days of battery life.


The Timex Ironman Move x20 enables users to set goal completion alerts through the accompanying application. It is capable of monitoring the wearer’s sleeping habits and has a Find Phone option to help locate your lost or misplaced handset. The wearable can track steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Its air of being a wholesome exercise partner is completed by its Workout mode.

Amazon India is the exclusive seller of the Timex Ironman Move x20 and Ironman Run x20 GPS fitness trackers on these shores. Here’s the link to the product page for both devices.