SoftwareThe Screetch application explodes on the iPhone

The Screetch application explodes on the iPhone

Screetch application iPhone

While combat titles are typically associated with thrill, the excitement of a conventional puzzle game too can’t be ignored. Piston Games keeps that in mind and unveils The Screetch application for iPhone and iPod touch devices. This match-3 puzzle game entices users with exclusive graphics and unique experience right on their devices.

In this application, players are required to collect Screetches which are captured in cloudy spheres. The prime aim is to release and accumulate them into a flask. The more Screetches are collected, the more easily users get to touch the next level. As they level up, new landscapes and characters can be enjoyed by collecting dozens of Screetches and storing them in the Trophies section.

“Puzzle genre is censored by most websites about handheld games. The most popular genre (Tetris and Bejeweled still top-sales games in all AppStores) was banned and has no any mentions at videogames websites. Maybe they boycott puzzle games because of complication with reviewing them. Of course, it’s easier to talk about action and another genre, but information blockade is not solution. Even lead puzzle game developing companies are ignored by top websites about iPhone games,” stated Igor Kuznetsov, game director for The Screetch.

“Some people said, that games take away their free time. But everyone can remember situation, when you want to kill time: in line, in airport or even on toilet sink. You can have fun in all these periods of idleness. That’s why sessions of Screetch last as long as you wish. You have time to play,” explained, Anton Gladkoborodov, Founder of Piston Games.

Keeping in mind the barriers of color blindness, the company accommodated eye-opening graphics, colorful effects and animations. Users can even challenge other players to become the best amongst 12 divisions or play in a healthy competition in the Global Rating system. With access to Facebook accounts, users can stay connected to their friends and compare the scores as well. This application is quite easy to understand even though it discharges newfangled rules.

Users can grab The Screetch application at a price of $1.99 through iTunes.

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