Ten One Design colors Pogo Sketch in Burnt Orange and Cactus

Pogo Sketch

After Hot Pink and Silver, now Burnt Orange and Cactus colors have been included in the Pogo Sketch product line. The Ten One Design designers have decided to add two new sizzling colors which expand the options for the iPhone users.

There’s no grief for those who cannot access their iPhone with messy fingers while on work, play or on the table, the Pogo Sketch makes it possible for its users to conveniently use their device.

The aluminum base and advanced technology material used at the tip proves it unique. The Pogo Sketch creates a soft link between the display device and the hand which makes it absolutely user friendly and helps in accurate detailing of the applications on the device. It also helps in protecting the device from smudges and grease.

To add on to the betterment of the device, the Pogo sketch is accompanied with a pocket clip to keep it safe while on the journey. The device features an ultra light aluminum body with a matte anodized finish. It is now available with four new dashing colors for just $14.95 at Ten One Design.com.