Telecom Commission says yes to spectrum allocation for cordless telephony

Word is that the Telecom Commission (TC) of India has given approval for 20MHz of spectrum for cordless telephony to be allotted for free. The TC together with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), are in charge of policy formulation, licensing, wireless spectrum management, research and development, monitoring of PSUs on an administrative level and standardization/validation of equipment.

The 20MHz spectrum which will be allocated for cordless telephony can be employed for communication within a small area for non-commercial purposes, meaning it’s strictly for private and indoor use. This is great news for business establishments which wish to cut down on telephone bills arising due to calls made by employees to each other within the office premises.

Man Holding Phone

In 2013, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) suggested that licenses should not be necessary for 20MHz of spectrum in a band for this very purpose. It is strictly aimed at non-commercial use in a similar manner as described above. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got the Digital India program in motion, acting on the regulatory body’s recommendations is a way of showing support for the initiative.

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NDTV Gadgets who picked up this news through PTI, says that the TC is all for accepting advice on the matter from the TRAI. That being said, whether the free spectrum can be allocated or not still needs the approval of a competent authority. The Defense Ministry is all up in arms about the decision since the 20MHz frequency spot squats in the band it uses for communications services.

Opening the 20MHz spectrum to the general public could apparently raise potential security concerns. The TC has asked the DoT and the Defense Ministry to find a solution to this issue, but is reluctant to take any other approach to allotting it for free to cordless telephony.