AppsTata Sky unveils new set-top box with Wi-Fi streaming

Tata Sky unveils new set-top box with Wi-Fi streaming

The Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box has been launched by the company and allows for the direct streaming of recorded content to devices via Wi-Fi. The product costs Rs 9300 for new users and Rs 8900 for existing subscribers.

The recorded shows can be viewed offline using the brand’s app. The Tata Sky+ Transfer STB is currently only compatible with iOS and Android platforms. It comes with 500GB of internal storage and a Wi-Fi dongle. All content will be streamed with a fixed resolution of 400 x 224p.


Tata Sky claims the new set-top box can save up to 625 hours of data. It houses two USB ports and comes with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound. The transfer service can be activated for a maximum of two devices. Once the recording has been transported, it can be watched within a 48-hour time period, after which it will automatically delete itself.

Some channels will not be available for the transfer feature. The list includes UTV Movies, Bindass, Disney and Hungama. The service undergoes a two-step procedure to deliver content to a gadget. First, it converts the recorded show to a mobile-ready format. This part is a real-time process, which means if the video is 30 minutes long it will take that much time to prepare it.


The second step involves the streaming of the content to a person’s device. This takes up to 5 minutes for a 30 minute video and additionally depends upon the Wi-Fi speed. A recording of that length will take up to 245MB of space in a user’s gadget and roughly 490MB for a 60 minute one.

The brand is targeting the Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box towards consumers in metros and Tier 1 cities. It currently has over 14.5 million active connections in India. You can download the latest version of the company’s app via the Google Play Store and iTunes.

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