T-Mobile officially intros two new price plans

T-Mobile Price Plans Screenshot

The earlier rumored T-Mobile Project Dark that spoke about new price plans is finally official. Well, the two new plans announced by T-Mobile are called the Even More and the Even More Plus, reports Engadget. Both these price plans are targeted towards consumers on the look out for heavy upfront subsidies on a non-contract plan.

The T-Mobile Even More offers users a traditional device subsidy along with a two year agreement. The Even More Plus eliminates both the device subsidy and the contract. However, both plans provide users with an option to upgrade through the tariff levels to an unlimited voice/message/data package.

T-Mobile also provides a FlexPay option with the plans. The FlexPay plan allows users to break up the cost of their phone into interest-free monthly installments. However, breaking up the cost of their handset will leave Even More Plus subscribers paying installments for around twenty months.

The T-Mobile Even More price plan kicks off at a modest $59 and goes up to $99. While, the Even More Plus eliminates the device discount but offers unlimited individual prices at $49 for voice or at $79 for everything.