t-Jays Four earphones for iPhone built with ergonomic design

t-Jays Four Earphones

Expanding their t-Jays series of audio accessories, Swedish company Jays has launched the t-Jays Four earphones for the iPhone. This new accessory follows soon after the recent release of the a-Jays Four for iPhone earlier this year.

The latest earphones promise to deliver high quality sound through its microphone and three-button keypad remote control. The integrated MEMS microphone delivers a 360-degree uptake with noise reduction. Its ergonomic design lets users carry the cable in two different directions.

“Equipping t-Jays with a three-button control, as we did with the ground breaking a-Jays Four iPhone, is a natural step in our ambition to become the market leader in Mobile Music for the discerning user. Once you realize the benefits of t-Jays and how amazingly they work with Apple products there is no turning back. We launch t-Jays Four for iPhone in black, provisionally in November 2011, or as we say, when it’s ready,” explained product manager, Peter Cedmer.

The audio accessory is accompanied by five pairs of silicone sleeves in various sizes and is incorporated with Kevlar reinforced cables. It is embedded with a 10mm TCD driver crafted from neodymium magnets which claims to produce cutting edge sound. Providing an impedance of 16Ohms, the device possesses a vented bass port on its back which features an acoustic filter that produces good quality bass response along with deep and defined vocals.

Priced at $129 the t-Jays Four earphones for iPhone is now available at authorized retail stores across the world.