SwirlySpace announces new Mobile App for free MMS & SMS Messaging

SwirlySpace Logo Feel like messaging for long hours without paying for it? Well, avid texters can now rejoice on realizing its possibility. SwirlySpace has recently released an all-new mobile application for free MMS & SMS messaging. Just to notify, late in 2009, the premier version of SwirlyNet, the new, cool feature of iPhone app SwirlyMMS, was introduced.

SwirlyNet enables users to send and receive messages for free via the Internet, without any high-priced carrier fees. Any message sent to and from a SwirlyNet attached iPhone, via Wi-Fi or over a flat rate data plan, is sent for free.

Claimed to be the world’s first mobile app for free MMS and SMS messaging, the app integrates transparently with the normal send and receive activities, letting users send their friends by addressing them with their phone number as usual. An indicator lets one know whether the message was sent or received via SwirlyNet or the ordinary carrier network. Fortunately, users can now notice how long their messaging bills are getting.

The SwirlyMMS app can now be purchased for $12 via Cydia Store. SwirlyNet enabled messaging apps are also being developed for Windows Mobile and Android mobile devices.