Spread the Love with Skinny Cow treats on iPhone

Skinny Cow iPhone Game

Want to spread love and smiles? Skinny Cow lets players do that. The all-new Spread the Love from Skinny Cow is a game that enables users to spread love. The game has been uniquely crafted for the iPhone. It is developed around a brave dog that faces all odds in order to deliver scrumptious Skinny Cow snacks to her animal friends who relish Skinny Cow’s food. Spread the Love is a very cute, addictive and engaging game form Skinny Cow.

The game is all about an adventure where the dog has to climb the sky and feed her friends while moving high up in the clouds. Here, the player has to maneuver the dog, dodge impending hurdles and collect points, in the form of love for every treat shared. However, if the gamer fails to navigate the dog and deliver snacks, the balloon will deflate and the player lands, starting the game all over again.

In the game, the player must mount as high as possible by inclining the iPhone to the right and left. On tapping the screen, the dog will share a treat with an animal so that he is compensated with love. This love energizes the balloon to keep the dachshund flying high, enabling gamers to garner points and spread more love by delivering snacks.

To make the game challenging, various obstacles such as branches and storm clouds thrown in to hinder the dog’s flight. The perilous tree branches can prick and shrink the balloon. Where as, the enormous dark grey storm clouds end the game at that very spot. Strong winds may send the player soaring high, but they can also throw the players in the middle of a storm cloud, which puts an end to the game.

Spread the Love has a particular bonus stage on climbing a certain height. The user can here, unbolt the opportunity to load up additional points of love with some monkey buddies. Also, if players feel the blues of flying continuously in the blue sky, they may change them to purple and green. The color can be easily altered with the swipe of a finger to make the climb amusing.

Well Skinny Cow has also come up with a scheme to entice users across the world. Players attaining high scores are rewarded with in-built electronic coupons for Skinny Cow treats!

Skinny Cow invites gamers, to join the Skinny Cow Spread the Love community network on Facebook or Twitter and interact with other players. They can also post their scores to the Skinny Cow high score leader boards and match it up to the all time high-score of their friends. The pricing and availability details are yet to be revealed.