SportShell Convertible now for iPhone 3G/3GS

SportShell Convertible iPhoneThe iPhone users looking for a convenient way to carry their iPhone mobile phones at any place can now breathe easy. Marware introduces the SportShell Convertible carrying solution for the iPhone 3G/3GS. The case is a revision to the widely known Sportsuit Convertible with many new distinctive features amalgamated.

The SportShell Convertible for iPhone 3G/3GS blends with exquisite, cross-functional design in a single product. The carrying solution offers a polycarbonate shell with simple and smooth rubberized finish. It also provides a full range of carrying options when interchangeable parts are used by the consumer.

This new carrying solution is designed considering the comfort level of the customers, where a detachable armband and belt clip are added. It is a well built hard shell case, along with an armband case and a belt clip providing liberty to carry the iPhone anywhere. It comes as a 3-1 carrying solution for the iPhone 3G/3GS users.

Moreover SportShell Convertible with its attached armband enables the iPhone to rest comfortably on the user’s hand while going for a walk or carrying out other activities. Removing the armband and inserting the belt clip doubles as a stand, making it even more secured. Users can remove the clip which makes the SportShell Convertible slip into a pocket, purse or bag.

Its key features include armband case, clip case, or slim pocket case which are interchangeable parts, and hard shell case, clip, flat back piece, armband, clear screen protector and cleaning cloth. Adding more to its unique features are quick release armband for preventing perspiration, clip lock facility if the customer intends to make a stand and a security clip to waistband, belt or armband.

The SportShell Convertible is now available in black color for price of $44.99 with Marware’s lifetime warranty.