AppleSpatial View to offer 3DeeSlide and Sony Blu-ray disc for iPhone 3G

Spatial View to offer 3DeeSlide and Sony Blu-ray disc for iPhone 3G

ForensesSpatial View collaborated with Sony Music Entertainment Germany to convert movie sequences from the Blu-ray disc “Spatial View And forsenses” to Stereo 3D that enables users to enjoy them on their iPhone 3G.

After converting the flick to Stereo 3D, Spatial View integrated it with 3DeeSlide, a phone accessory that incorporates the company’s proprietary app of lenticular technology.

Beat Raemy, Spatial View CEO stated, “There is a big move to Stereo 3D in movie and home theaters. However in most situations such as on mobile devices, wearing special glasses is simply not feasible; so our focus is to provide a glasses-free Stereo 3D experience. We have invested years of research and development into developing the software and lenticular technology which solve this problem.”

The iPhone 3G (second generation or later) owners can purchase the bundle, which consists of the 3DeeSlide and the Sony Blu-ray disc “forsenses”. Users can then download and view the Stereo 3D citation on their handsets.

“We are delighted to be working with Spatial View, Inc. on this initiative. Offering our audience the 3DeeSlide bundled with this landmark Blu-ray disc is evidence of our commitment to innovation and leadership in delivering compelling content. This demonstrates that mobile glasses-free 3D is now a reality on the iPhone and iPod Touch,” said Bent Schoenemann, Senior Product Manager – Sony Music Germany.

The first episode of the Blu-ray disc series blu::elements called “forsenses” combines high-definition videos of the natural elements such as fire, water, earth and air with 3D-Surround-Chill-Out soundtrack.

The 3DeeSlide and the Sony Blu-ray disc “forsenses” bundle is available at Amazon and MediaMarkt stores. Users can download the Stereo 3D video from the official website of Spatial View.

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