SoundHound announces partnership with Spotify

SoundHound Spotify App SoundHound sound search company has announced partnership with the award winning digital music service Spotify. This collaboration will allow independent users of both SoundHound and Spotify on iPhone and Android devices to effortlessly access either of these apps through the one they own. A couple of days back, RIM unfurled its BBM Music app.

SoundHound users in Europe, both paid and free, can now get instant access to Spotify music catalogs, even if they are not existing consumers of the service. After identifying a song from SoundHound, a click on Play Now in Spotify takes them to an invitation page for the same, giving them the opportunity to become premium users of the service before playing the song.

“Spotify is a natural fit with SoundHound, the most groundbreaking mobile music search and discovery platform in the world. Our European users have been requesting seamless access to Spotify, and today they can enjoy SoundHound’s fast, beautiful and unlimited music search and discovery with instant access to listening to full tracks,” explained Katie McMahon, vice president at SoundHound Inc.

Existing users of both services can link to Spotify through a similar option, which takes them directly to Spotify. Although, Spotify users wanting access to SoundHound will have to download the free app from iTunes or Android Market. Utilizing either of these options, consumers can simultaneously enjoy the services offered by both these apps.

SoundHound has been providing music and voice search applications on mobile platforms iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Spotify is a music library which gives on-demand access to a database of over 15 million and also allows connection to Facebook for the purpose of sharing.