GoogleMicroFinancial Incorporated Android app for TimePayment Direct releases

MicroFinancial Incorporated Android app for TimePayment Direct releases

MicroFinancial Incorporated Android AppMicroFinancial has developed a new Android app which offers users access to TimePayment Direct (TPD) from their mobile phones. TPD is a proprietary model of the company’s subsidiary, TimePayment Corporation (TPC).

Vendors and brokers of TimePayment Corporation can benefit from four varied way to access TimePayment Direct for submitting and processing their credit applications via this app. They can stay connected to TDP by way of the iPhone and Android.

“We are very pleased to announce the release of our new Android App. This will give our vendors and brokers nationwide additional access and flexibility in working with TPC. These enhanced services will especially benefit those vendors and brokers who process during the weekend or when away from their office,” commented Richard Latour, President, and Chief Executive Officer.

This application enables brokers and vendors to enter applications, receive credit decisions and oversee the status of all of their transactions with TPC Direct. It enables them to stay connected to TPD while on the move.

Recently Google Search had introduced a new feature pertaining to the stock market. It provided stock quotes, latest news, market overview and portfolio details to brokers and investors through their mobile phones. Users of this new feature could view an interactive stock market graph displayed on a card.

The new MicroFinancial Incorporated Android app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market by qualified vendors and brokers of TimePayment Corporation.

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