AppleSOS Online Backup new iPhone app released

SOS Online Backup new iPhone app released

SOS App SOS Online Backup launches a new application called the SOS for iPhone that enables users to access their digital content on-demand anytime, anywhere. As mobile phones have evolved from being just telecom devices, phones are now used for several business functions as well.

SOS Online Backup designed the application that ensures easy access to the safeguarded data. The SOS iPhone app allows users to stream and share their vital information including photos, presentations, documents and music that is protected by SOS’s web portal.

“Online backup as a service is growing and evolving into a more complex offering,” said Ken Shaw, Chief Technology Officer of SOS Online Backup. “Online backup is not just backing up your data offsite anymore. The trend in the industry is growing towards offering value added services such as management, access and sharing capabilities in addition to online backup.”

With numerous services of SOS Online Backup, users are assured of the storage and the backup of data “in the cloud”. Users’ data is securely stored in SOS cloud in six different data centers across the globe which includes United States, India, Europe and Australia.

“These days the traditional idea of ‘going to work’ has transformed from being strapped to a desk into being able to access your network 24/7 through mobile devices. With more and more people working via mobile, there is a strong need to ensure your data is both protected and accessible,” said Shaw. “SOS Online Backup already features local and offsite backup as well as strong sharing capabilities. SOS for iPhone now allows users complete access to their data on-demand through the iPhone in addition to our web portal.” As one user commented: “With my 8GB iPhone I can listen to and stream 100GB of music in real-time.”

SOS Online Backup assures ultimate protection and security of valuable information that is beneficial for all users from established organizations to small enterprises.

The SOS for iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free.

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