SonySony Ericsson LiveView steps in for Android

Sony Ericsson LiveView steps in for Android

Sony Ericsson LiveView

This new offering will capture Sony Ericsson Android phone owners since they can receive notifications and stay connected while on the move without any interruption. The company has made an appearance with its enticing Sony Ericsson LiveView for Android. The offering functions as a wireless interactive display along with the user’s mobile phone.

Individuals can seamlessly wear the peripheral as a wrist watch. The display enables users to manage various actions and view messages being received via the miniature screen remotely. Owners have the ability to read new text messages using the phone remote device as well as view incoming calls, choose whether to answer or mute the call effortlessly through the device.

Ben Padley, Head of Digital and CRM for Sony Ericsson, commented, “The LiveView remote display will help all Sony Ericsson users further utilise the accessories and features of their Sony Ericsson handsets. LiveView™ is compatible with all Sony Ericsson Android handsets, such as the X10 and X10 mini pro keyboard android.”

Audiophiles may also sound delighted since they can control their most liked music, skip tracks and change the volume with utmost ease. The device can be used in collaboration with the remarkable Sportypal Pro application to evaluate distance, speed and heart rate.

The pricing and availability details are unclear as of now.

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