AppleChinook Book slips into App Store

Chinook Book slips into App Store

Chinook Book We have seen several applications designed for various purposes. Today another is being added to list of software on the App Store. This app lets iPhone users redeem electronic coupons wirelessly, negating the need to carry around a physical coupon booklet. The Chinook Book for iPhone boasts of being the first mobile coupon book in the world.

Designed specifically for the denizens of the Seattle metro area, the coupons can be at several stores. These include Whole Foods, PCC Natural Markets, Marlene’s Markets, Pharmaca, Seattle Art Museum, REI, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Cupcake Royale, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Caffe Ladro, Rodda Paint and ecohaus. Once users download the iPhone app, they need to purchase a mobile coupon pack for $16 through the app or the $20 print edition of Chinook Book.

“This is a game changer for merchants and consumers,” stated Aaron Richey, Director, Seattle Chinook Book. “The iPhone totally transforms coupon use you always have your phone with you, it’s easy to find participating businesses near you, and you can instantly track your savings. I’m thrilled that more than 230 merchants representing over 500 locations in Seattle are participating in the launch of Chinook Book for iPhone.”

iPhone owners can use the Chinook Book app to click on the redeem button present on the coupon preview screen to avail the discount. Thus, the cashier accepts the discount and the coupon is automatically marked as redeemed. The company claims that over 230 merchants in Seattle have debuted their coupons in Chinook Book for iPhone.

The Chinook Book can be downloaded from the official website or the App Store.

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