Sony CMT-CX5 Hi-Fi system bringing in music with style

Sony CMT-CX5 Hi-Fi

The Sony’s all new CMT-CX5 wall mountable Hi-Fi system seeks to be appealing for both the aural and the visual senses. It is inclusive of audio source options such as USB, CD, audio-in and iPhone and iPod support.

The exterior of the gadget comes across as a streamlined, spindle-shaped sculpted design in black and white hues. It strives to garnish the home interior décor further by striking a combination of music and style.

Matt Coupe, Audio Category Marketing Manager, Sony UK commented, “Great audio quality is now not enough for customers looking into new HiFi systems, they are also looking for products that will work well with the style of their homes.”

“The CMT-CX5 series represent a creative approach to product design combined that with an intuitive user interface so that customers can get to whatever music they want in the quickest possible time. Feedback from consumer testing groups has been very positive and we look forward to seeing the wider market reaction,” added Coupe.

The device comprises of three parts. The first one is the main unit while the remaining two are speakers that can be used as per user preference. Holes at the back panel enable people to either attach it to a wall or set it up on a shelf. The various audio inputs are touted to deliver crisp and sharp sound through the Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra feature.

Additionally, the included DAB/DAB+ tuner ought to expose users to a wide range of content by channel. It arrives with support for RDS or PS mode, with the station name being shown on the radio display. The system is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Sony CMT-CX5 wall mountable Hi-Fi system will be released in the UK in August 2011. The pricing details have not been disclosed as of now.