Samsung unleashes Show W7900 mobile phone with a projector

Samsung Show W7900 phone

Samsung and Texas Instruments recently announced the company’s first mobile projector cellphone known as the Show W7900. The European version of this innovative mobile phone is called the i7410. The projector embedded phones will allow users to view big pictures via their mobile phones.

The Samsung Show W7900 and the i7410 phone incorporate the Texas Instruments DLP Pico technology. Both the projector mobile phones have the capability to deliver sharp and large images upto 50 inches depending on the light conditions.

“Working together, Samsung and Texas Instruments, DLP(R) products have made headway in a currently untapped market,” states Wonsik Lee, Vice President of R&D Planning Team at Samsung Electronics. “This is an exciting time for the mobile phone industry as we transform the limitations of the mobile phone viewing experience to compelling image sizes that really adds significant value to both business and consumer users,” he further added.

The new light weight and compactly designed mobile phones feature a high resolution and color OLED touchscreen display. The phones integrate a 5 megapixel camera and an intuitive flick navigation that will allow users to view photo slideshows and presentations within few seconds.

Both the mobile phones offer complete mobile office and various entertaining features. Taking advantage of the enhanced projector technology, users can view videos, images and PowerPoint slides on large screen. Besides this, users can also use the projection feature as a flashlight.

The Samsung Show W7900 mobile phone will be available in Korea in February 2009, while the i7410 phone should soon hit the European markets. The pricing details for both the phones are not yet known.