Samsung Acme i8910 Coming Soon

Samsung Another eagerly anticipated launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the rumored Samsung Acme i8910.

It has been compared to the iPhone while UnwiredView labels it “the next generation of touchscreen phones.”

From initial images, this sleek device looks to be clad in black and silver with a large touchscreen display.

Specs wise, Acme seems similar to the Omnia which uses Windows Mobile 6.1. With Acme i8910, Samsung may go for S60 Touch judging from the 3 front panel softkeys. Samsung has also revealed that it may release an Android based device in Q2 2009 and this could be the one.

Apparently, the Acme will feature an 8 MP camera with HD video recording, Wi-Fi, a built in GPS receiver along with a standard 3.5mm audio port. There may be 2 different versions, one having 8GB of internal storage while another with 16GB. The Samsung Acme could also come with a HDMI output along with having DLNA and DivX compatibility. This high-end smartphone will naturally be quite expensive.

More information about Samsung Acme will be out in the coming few weeks.