Opera Mini 4.2 finally releases for Google Android operating system

Opera Mini logo The Java-running proxy based, web browser Opera Mini beta 4.2 is now made available for T-Mobile G1, the first phone built on Google’s Android operating system. It is released with new Skins support, faster servers and compatibility with the mobile version of YouTube.

The new 4.2 version boasts speed up to 30 percent faster. Anyone using this version will be able to enjoy their mobile web applications faster. The users can personalize Opera Mini 4.2 by choosing a new colorful skin. It is released with modified video playback that enables the media player to stream videos. Opera Mini is very unique, instead of downloading the page to the device and then rendering it, the browser renders it directly to the server thus reducing your load time.

“With Opera Mini 4.2, we are showing the world that Opera never gets complacent. We will always be improving our product, adding speed, new functionality and features, and ensuring that it is accessible by all”, remarked Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

You can download Opera Mini 4.2 for free via Opera’s official website.