NokiaNokia Ovi Suite 2.1 Beta updated

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 Beta updated

Nokia Ovi Logo Nokia users may be seen jumping and frolicking in excitement on hearing this piece of news. Well, Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 has recently been updated with a lot of bug fixes based on the feedback of users across the world.

Users can now choose Thunderbird 3.0 for contacts sync in Nokia Ovi Suite, and witness improvements in overall Nokia Ovi Suite stability. The company has just enhanced the checking for new software updates and brought forth fixes to video support, improvements into video support stability, and fixes to Nokia Ovi Suite UI localizations

The most recently updated Ovi Suite 2.1 Beta has fixed multiple crash errors detected during Beta testing, for example related to maps view and calendar sync. Issues related to contacts sync have also been resolved concurrently.

Apart from all this, users can see proper working of SIS application installation. Hopefully, the above mentioned changes that the updated version comes around with will finally crack a grin on those long faces.

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