Nokia Kinetic phone stands up quite literally to notify users

Nokia Kinetic Phone

Mobile aficionados have been spoilt for choice these days as far as touchscreen smartphones are concerned. As soon another touch-enabled phone is unveiled, we come to expect it with the same old features. Moving a step away, is the innovative Nokia Kinetic handset that features what appears to be a never-thought-before design. This novel smartphone has been developed by creative designer, Jeremy Innes-Hopkins.

Hopping on to the Jeremy Innes-Hopkins site, shows why the phone is called a pioneering design. This site shows off details and eye-catching photos of the product. The sleek and unique chassis welcomes the reader to check out more information about the product.

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The Kinetic makes the entire experience of notifying its user about a call, email, text or alarm chic, classy and novel. The device leverages itself from a sleeping position to a standing one whenever the user receives a notification. This is done with the help of the electromagnet outfitted in the base, which shifts the weight enabling it to orient.

Imagining such a design is quite impressive, especially as the phone stands up to alert the user rather than the traditional vibrating mode. In order to dismiss a call, all the user needs to do is gently tap the screen with which the phone goes back to its sleeping position. Moreover with this orienting functionality, users need not constantly hold the phone in their hands during a video call as it’s already standing.

The Nokia Kinetic is still a blue print and it is unclear if it will ever make it to the shelves.

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