AndroidMusic Unlimited Android app offers offline support

Music Unlimited Android app offers offline support

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Android users with the Music Unlimited app on their handsets can now look forward to enjoying playlists offline. A recent announcement from Sony conveys that the company now offers offline support for user playlists on this service.

Subscribers of Music Unlimited can utilize the feature on their devices if they wish to access the playlists in locations where there is no mobile connection. Users may also bring this function into play when data usage has to be kept in check. It can be activated by accessing playlists stored under the My Library tab. The Options button will now come with an alternative for offline playlist availability.

“We’ve added offline playback functionality to the Music Unlimited service’s Android app. Now you can download your Music Unlimited playlists and play the songs you’ve added to those playlists wherever you go, even places where you can’t get a mobile signal like airplanes or the back room of your relative’s house where you’re hiding because hey, you love them, but you just need a little peace and quiet before your aunt asks another question about how your dating life is going,” communicates Jeff Safran, Marketing Manager, Sony Network Entertainment through a recent post on the official Sony Network Entertainment blog.

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After selecting Available Offline, users will have to wait till the line-up is downloaded on the device. Subscribers who are offline can choose Switch to Offline Mode from the Android hardware menu. From among this downloaded listing, it is possible to browse by various categories or genres.

The Music Unlimited app for Android smartphones and slates can be installed free of cost, from Google Play.

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