AppleMovie Gallery's new iPhone app offers movie guidance

Movie Gallery’s new iPhone app offers movie guidance

Didjac? App

Movie freaks need not worry about which movie to watch as Movie Gallery now releases a new iPhone app called DidjaC? that helps in choosing the perfect movie to watch.

The company also brings two new website for its Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery brands. With new releases, the company brings an ultimate entertainment experience to users. Personalized movie recommendation and up-to-the-minute information on all movies are now easily available at fingertips.

“Our new DidjaC? app and brand Web sites provide reliable recommendations to help customers quickly solve the frustrating ‘what should I watch’ dilemma – regardless of where they are,” said Cliff Torng, chief marketing officer, Movie Gallery Inc. “In addition, our sites offer some of the best movie deals online, with free shipping. Whether trying to build up their own collection of DVDs, or looking for holiday gifts, what could be more convenient for shoppers?”

Incorporated with Quick Pic feature, the DidjaC? allows users to receive immediate recommendations, simply by shaking their iPhones or selecting a movie genre. The app also offers full movie details which include synopses and ‘Movie Matches’ for same titles that are appreciated by users. It brings updates on latest DVDs and Blu-Rays and lets users locate a nearest Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery store location. Further elevating the user experience are the high-resolution trailers of over 10,000 movies.

The DidjaC? app is packed with several convenient features that helps in resolving ‘what to watch’ circumstances. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, and

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