MotorolaMotorola Moto G gen 3 image leaked online

Motorola Moto G gen 3 image leaked online

There have been rumors of a third generation Motorola Moto G as well as a Moto X being prepped for launch this August. Adding to the collection of unconfirmed stories is a leak via Chilean telecom company Entel which has inadvertently leaked images of the two smartphones on its website.

The first picture shows what is allegedly the Motorola Moto G gen 3. Going by the photo, it may come with a 5-inch display, just like the current model. Additionally, its photography capabilities have probably been taken up by more than a notch or two.

Motorola Moto G gen 3

The Moto G 2nd gen has an 8MP camera on its back panel and a 2MP one above its screen. Its successor appears to tow along a 13MP snapper on its back, complimented by a 5MP lens on the front. A new chip could also be making its way into the handset considering the sparse details accompanying the picture.

The older smartphone has a quad core Snapdragon processor clocked at a rate of 1.2GHz. The new one which is tipped carry the name new Motorola Moto G, is shown to have a quad core chip running at 1.4GHz, points out PhoneArena. We wish there was something more definite on the release date, but there isn’t.

The second image (also courtesy of Pisapapeles) is supposed to be that of the Motorola Moto X Sport. It is undoubtedly going to be a rugged device with water- and dust-resistance. It should even be shock-proof to a reasonable degree and therefore, resistant to the charm of your butter fingers.

Motorola Moto X Sport

The phone is not another version of the second generation Moto X though. According to the images from Entel, the Sport is fitted with a 5.2-inch touchscreen and a 1.5GHz quad core chipset, presumably of Qualcomm origin. It might feature a 16MP main camera, while a 5MP lens may crown its display.

We love an unexpected leak just as much as you do. But heed the wise warning of learning to take such ‘evidence’ with a grain of salt. The price tags, like the exact release date details, of the Motorola Moto G gen 3 and Moto X Sport are missing in action.

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