Moneycontrol provides Niche and Elite Services on Mobile Phone

Phone with Moneycontrol Investment and other finance related news are very important for most individuals as they want to invest their money to double their cash assets. To keep them updated on the same, Moneycontrol, an online property of Web 18 has planned to offer information on investments, stocks and other markets news, presents exciting applications on the online and mobile platform.

Neeraj Sanan, Marketing Head of their Internet division Web 18, explained, “This conference offers right audience for our two recently launched products under the Mobile platform. We will be showcasing Markets on Mobile, which in just a month of its launch has achieved over 300,000 downloads, making it a runaway success in the Mobile App space. It is a GPRS tool, which offers real time updates of key Stock Market News on the mobile phone, for people who are constantly on move. This will help them make better decisions on their stock market investments. We are also launching a new application called Stock Massaging Service. Under this service, you will get all the real time updates on the stock that you have subscribed for through an SMS. This service is offered at very attractive price of Rs 30 per month per script. Above all this, we are offering one of our most successful products – Power Your Trade. PYT is a jewel in our crown, which guides investors about which stocks to invest in. PYT has a distinction of providing most accurate tips to its subscribers and its quality has been well acknowledged in the industry.”

Moneycontrol presented three new products and services at the prolific Extravaganza Mumbai 2008 exhibition held in India, delivering the needs of the High Net worth Individuals (HNIs). The services include Markets on Mobile, an application that has the ability to give a rich array of financial services at the users’ finger tips on GPRS mobiles.

In addition, Stock messaging Service would offer the real time updates on the scrip that has to be subscribed for and Power your Trade. This is the highly successful stock recommendation subscription service.

Mobile phone users do not have to crack their brains and get tensed about their shares and other investments anymore. Moneycontrol is on its way to rescue them!