Mollywood actor Mohanlal’s site gets hacked, scandalous messages left by Cyber Warriors

Mohanlal, the star of numerous movies coming from down South, has become a victim of cyber crime even as a blog he is currently running fell prey to hacking yesterday. A team of online hackers which calls itself ‘Cyber Warriors’ was behind this online attack that saw controversial messages being posted to the site.

Mohanlal’s blog, which is called ‘The Complete Actor’ started displaying controversial messages all of a sudden yesterday, and it was evident through the first glance that hackers were involved. They allegedly posted messages supporting Pakistan’s stance on the Kashmir issue, with the content clearly mentioning that the cyber-attack was orchestrated by ‘Cyber Warriors.’


According to The Times of India, their messages included the words ‘We (will) never forget what you did against humanity. In Jammu and Kashmir, millions of people are dead. Indian forces killed Kashmiri families, killed innocent children. But no one cared!’

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The hackers issued a further threat as well, by saying that the bank accounts, credit cards, servers within India are in danger. They ended their rant by saying that their only wish was to publish the message, and that ‘Muslims are not terrorists.’

The hacking was quickly discovered, and the site was up and running like normal again within just 20 minutes. It is being said that the blog was not actually hacked, but only an attempt to do so was made. Moreover, the message from the hackers was present on Mohanlal’s blog only for three minutes, apparently. Following its discovery, the site was quickly restored back to normal.