AppsOpera Mini browser leaps onto Tizen-based Samsung Gear S smartwatch

Opera Mini browser leaps onto Tizen-based Samsung Gear S smartwatch

The Opera Mini web browser has become the first of its kind to land on the Samsung Gear S smartwatch and it’s up for grabs through the OEM’s own app store at no cost. This version of the application isn’t much different from the original, but it features various enhancements to make it convenient to use on the small display.

The availability of Opera Mini browser for the Samsung Gear S smartwatch was announced by the software company through a post on its official blog. According to the developer, it sports various touch-optimized features including large finger-friendly shortcuts in the Speed Dial interface for quick access to your favorite websites.

Opera Mini On Gear S

Gesture-based inputs are also available where you can zoom into web pages by double tapping the screen or magnify a specific location with pinch-to-zoom. Back and forward operations have also been made intuitive as they require simple swipes across the curved display. The browser is designed to work on slow net connections, and it’ll even help you save on data usage by shrinking the size of web pages.

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As you probably know, the Gear S is Samsung’s first smartwatch which can work independently sans the need of pairing it with a smartphone. And that’s mainly because it comes with built-in cellular support for 2G and 3G networks. You can use it to send and receive text messages as well as make and answer phone calls. Sadly, the device doesn’t come with a web browser preloaded which is why support for Opera Mini is a big deal.

To download the Opera Mini web browser on the Samsung Gear S smartwatch and for more information on it, be sure to check out the official blog post.

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