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Mobile Music Service launched by Napster and Ericsson

Napster,Ericsson and Entel logo Napster and Ericsson launched the Napster Mobile music service along with Chilean operator Entel PCS. This service will be the first of its kind in Latin America. Napster mobile is based on Ericsson’s service delivery platform.

Entel PCS is the mobile subsidiary of the Entel group, a leading telecommunications company in Chile. The introduction of this service will enable its subscribers to search, browse, preview as well as purchase content on their wireless handsets through i-shop; Entel PC’s mobile portal. The service will include Napster’s catalog of more than 4 million songs and mastertones.

Carlos Rodríguez, Product and Services Manager of Entel PCS, said, “Once again, we are the first mobile operator of Latin America in launching a world-class service — Napster Mobile. Ericsson’s multimedia solution will help us meet our customers’ growing demand for premium and personalized mobile content

The service also provides a dual-delivery option for simultaneous downloads to mobile phones and PCs. This is the unique feature of the service as it bypasses the PC-download stage to give better user convenience.

Since Napster is one of the pioneers of digital music worldwide, it was only fitting that they were eager about having Latin America under their wing. Brad Duea, President of Napster said “We are excited to add Latin America to our global footprint, which also includes the North American, Japanese and European markets,” He added “Through our partnership with Ericsson, we look forward to offering a superior mobile music experience to Entel PCS customers.”

Under the agreement, Ericsson has complete responsibility for system integration, management of everyday operations and development of the service. The agreement includes that content and digital rights management allowing the operator to introduce the service easily and cost efficiently.

Gino Montalto, Head of Ericsson Chile, added, “This deal will enable access to a range of attractive services for end users and open up new revenue streams for Entel PCS. Our hosted solution allows the operator to remain focused on their core business while launching new services quickly and cost effectively.”

Thus, the three titans come together to bring affordable music services to Latin America.

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