Mobile Games are Twice as likely to be played by Casual Online Gamers, finds I-play survey

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A latest survey performed by mobile gaming company I-Play has resulted that casual online gamers are twice as likely to play games on mobile phones.The survey reveals that 38% of casual online gamers play games on their mobile phones and almost 45% gamers would play their favorite online games, if they were available, on mobile devices.

The survey was conducted in North America. When it was questioned if the gamers played games on their mobile phones 22% assured by answering ‘yes’ and 16% partially agreed by saying ‘sometimes’. According to latest figures from M:Metrics, the combined 38% was compared favorably to the industry average of 20.5% of North Americans who played mobile games on their handset each month. The time online casual gamers were queried about how often they play games, 66% replied saying on a daily basis and 22% replied three times a week.

The conclusion comes from a poll of 1,000 online casual gamers visiting partner game sites served by Oberon during September. The age demographic represents a comparatively equal split across all age ranges: 19% of respondents were 18-24 year olds; 20% of respondents were 25-34 year olds; 17% of respondents were 35-44 year olds; 21% of respondents were 44-54 year olds and 25% of respondents were 55+ year olds.

David Gosen, President, I-play states : “The frequency with which online casual gamers play is noteworthy and the fact that this group have twice the propensity to play mobile games as the average mobile user is hugely exciting and positive for the mobile games industry.”

He further added by specifying, “Further potential is shown by the fact that nearly half of people surveyed would want to play their favorite online game on mobile, providing another positive indication of the cross-pollination opportunities between the two gaming communities. This reinforces our position first company to deliver global, integrated casual-games solutions across the ‘three screens’ of PC, mobile and iTV.”

The study also gathered more general data about how casual gamers play games. According to the survey, 66% of respondents said they played games daily; an additional 22% stated they played games three times a week.

I-play has always brought the best in mobile entertainment by creating mobile games since 1998 and continues to spearhead the creation of mobile entertainment for the next generation. Concluded by the latest survey, it is clear that online causal gamers are almost twice as likely to play mobile games as the average mobile user.