Mobile Documents for Nokia gets an update

Mobile Documents

Visiarc’s Mobile Documents which makes the experience of accessing e-mails while on the move an easier and affordable one did contain a few minor glitches. Nokia Beta Labs has announced an updated version 0.9.20 of the Mobile Documents which is ready for download.

According to the official Nokia Conversations blog, the upgrade now includes several new features and some bug fixes for those using the older version. Mobile Documents is an e-mail client that employs cloud-technology to offer document viewing capabilities that reduces data charges too. The upgraded version lets users directly attach files resident on their phones to outgoing emails, multi-publish files to archives, edit signature, copy a URL to clipboard by just tapping and more.

The improved version provides support for Hotmail, MSN, Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 mail accounts. Additionally, the Exit now option made available in the update permits people to opt in or out of notifications and the app displays Captcha errors encountered while viewing Google Docs and Gmail. The various bugs involving Fring, the e-mail widget when un-installing the app and green login screen have been fixed in version 0.9.20.

Additionally, the next soft key used for setting up new mail accounts now works well and there are other minor fixes in the updated version. One of the major improvements is that on clicking the e-mail widget, it instantly opens the inbox of the concerned e-mail account.

The updated version 0.9.20 of Mobile Documents is available through the Nokia Beta Labs website.